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This spell is designed to help you separate and distance yourself from a person who is hurting you and keeping you tied down.

For Couples: This spell allows you and the other person lose feelings and thoughts, which allows them to move on and you as well.

For General use: If you’re trying to get away or separate from toxic friends, family members, etc. This spell will allow them and you to move on in peace and for the better.


All spells take 7 days to manifest after candle has burned down in a seven day period and all are recorded daily and sent to you via Dropbox to show progress. All spell work requires you to provide your (CLOTHED) head to toe picture of all parties involved, full names and dates of birth. All spells will last a long time, but not forever, if and when you see it wearing off, it will need to be recasted , as a new order.


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Separation Witch Spell-Separates a couple or a specific person

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If a candle magic spell has begun and finished, there are no refunds, all sales are final. However, if you feel unsatisfied for any reason, we will communicate with you and figure out how to make it better. 

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